Healthy Communities: Overweight and obesity rates across Australia, 2014–15 - Technical Note - Geography

Healthy Communities: Overweight and obesity rates across Australia, 2014–15


Primary Health Networks (PHNs) are local organisations that connect health services across a specific geographic area, with the boundaries defined by the Australian Government Department of Health.

In the report, a PHN area refers to the population that lives in the geographic area covered by a particular PHN. The results in the report relate to the period before PHNs were established; therefore, the findings do not reflect the performance of PHNs.

Metropolitan and regional PHN areas

PHN area boundaries align well with the ABS remoteness category of major cities.2 A PHN area was categorised as a metropolitan PHN area if at least 85% of the population was in the major cities category. All other PHN areas were categorised as regional PHN areas. See Table 1 for the metropolitan or regional classification of each PHN area.

Table 1: Metropolitan and regional Primary Health Network areas

Primary Health Network area Proportion of the population* in major cities
Metropolitan Primary Health Network areas
Central and Eastern Sydney (NSW) 100%
Australian Capital Territory 100%
Western Sydney (NSW) 99%
Northern Sydney (NSW) 99%
Adelaide (SA) 99%
South Eastern Melbourne (Vic) 98%
Gold Coast (Qld) 98%
Perth South (WA) 98%
Perth North (WA) 98%
North Western Melbourne (Vic) 96%
Eastern Melbourne (Vic) 96%
Brisbane South (Qld) 96%
Brisbane North (Qld) 95%
South Western Sydney (NSW) 90%
Nepean Blue Mountains (NSW) 85%
Regional Primary Health Network areas
Hunter New England and Central Coast (NSW) 64%
South Eastern NSW 53%
Darling Downs and West Moreton (Qld) 34%
Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast 31%
Western Victoria 30%
North Coast (NSW) 14%
Country SA 10%
Western NSW 0%
Murrumbidgee (NSW) 0%
Gippsland (Vic) 0%
Murray (Vic, NSW) 0%
Western Queensland 0%
Northern Queensland 0%
Country WA 0%
Tasmania 0%
Northern Territory 0%
ABS Estimated Resident Population at 30 June 2013
Major cities – as defined by the ABS Australian Statistical Geography Standard Remoteness Areas.2

2. ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) 2015. National Health Survey: First Results, 2014–15. ABS Cat. No. 4364.0.55.001. Canberra: ABS. Viewed 26 October 2016, link, opens in a new window.